My Christmas Wish List

What does your wish list look like?

My girlfriend will be happy to know that I have finally compiled my Christmas wish list and, in no particular order, I would love any of the above!

1. If you have ever watched The Mindy Project or seen the US version of The Office, you will totally understand why I want this book. Mindy is real, relatable and hilarious.

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Spending Lockdown!

A few months ago, I decided to reassess the way I managed my finances. I was urged to take take a step back and question my spending after reading an article about prospective house buyers having their bank statements scrutinised by Mr Bank Manager before being considered for a mortgage.

The article claimed that borrowers will be asked to explain and justify their spending (even down to that £2.90 daily spend on a latte) to establish if they are credible and able to take on the MAHOOSIVE financial commitment of a mortgage. To me, this made perfect sense; I wondered why this was only just being introduced – isn’t this something that should have been done all along? I mean, how many people are out there trying to keep up payments on properties they simply can’t afford?

At some point in the future I’d like to buy a little flat in a victorian house conversion in London (I know, wishful thinking) with my girlfriend (and the cat she’s promised we can get in the next few years – yay! Meow!)

And it got me thinking….

Where does all my money go? How much of it am I wasting? Did I really need that overpriced TOPSHOP jumper that is waaaaay too delicate and keeps snagging on my jewellery and now looks shit? Continue reading Spending Lockdown!

Fizz, Exposed Bricks and Sausages!

I had really high expectations of Bubbledogs – a champagne and hotdog bar (located over in Fitzrovia W1). I know, sounds like a pretty odd combination, huh?  But I’d wanted to eat here for the longest while now; and from the very moment I stepped into the bijou-New-York-style-exposed-brickwork-eatery, yesterday evening after work, I instantly knew it was the right choice.

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I Hope I Win At Least Once!

So, for some of my Sunday afternoon I have chilled within the comfort of my duvet to watch last night’s X-Factor. What? Hey, don’t judge! We’re all allowed a guilty pleasure…or, in my case, probably about three!

At first I wasn’t sure if I should be embarrassed to admit to you all that the opening of this year’s X-Factor actually gave me goosebumps! I know!!! But then I thought about it for a little and realised that those little pimples of pride were nothing to be ashamed of.

Simon, Cheryl, Louis and the surprisingly witty and likeable Mel B collectively gave me one of the many reasons to be proud to be born and bred on this tiny little part of the world we call the United Kingdom (Scotland, please don’t leave?); which according to Simon accounts for less than 1% of the worlds population! They reeled off a long list of the UK’s musical superstars and it was with their little reminder that two things popped into my head: Continue reading I Hope I Win At Least Once!

West End Comedy: Lesbian Style

Earlier today, after a melodramatic morning of tears and panic due to the fact that I thought my poorly (she has a bug) girlfriend was lying unconscious (possibly even dead) in her bed because it was 10:36am and she still hadn’t responded to my three voicemails, one Facebook message, two texts and two Whatsapp messages (yes, I know it’s Saturday but she never sleeps late!) – Er, cheeky, no, I wasn’t stalking, just being a concerned girlfriend – I booked two tickets to Breeders, the new West End play about a married lesbian couple.

Andrea & Caroline, apparently have it all: their own home, great jobs and a loved filled relationship but there’s something else they want Continue reading West End Comedy: Lesbian Style

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