100 Days of Happiness!

I have decided that from the 1st January 2015 I will count AND document my blessings, achievements, happy moments and the silver linings too!

Everyday I realise how blessed and lucky I am but I thought it would be good for me to see them in black and white and in all their glory. The OCD in me won’t let me begin something so late in the year, which is why I am waiting until the New Year!

Just read this article on the 100 Days of Happiness – hmm, she makes some valid points but I’m still going to go ahead with it, I wonder what my experience will be!?

Have you taken part in the 100 Days of Happiness? Has it changed the way you look at your life? Do you feel a greater sense of appreciation for the people in your life? Have you realised that you are happier than you first thought?

I will be careful not saturate the feeds of my Twitter and Instagram followers and put most of it on here, so that people can choose to read about what’s making me happy.

I’m feeling excited about this :)

Chantillilace x

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