West End Comedy: Lesbian Style

Earlier today, after a melodramatic morning of tears and panic due to the fact that I thought my poorly (she has a bug) girlfriend was lying unconscious (possibly even dead) in her bed because it was 10:36am and she still hadn’t responded to my three voicemails, one Facebook message, two texts and two Whatsapp messages (yes, I know it’s Saturday but she never sleeps late!) – Er, cheeky, no, I wasn’t stalking, just being a concerned girlfriend – I booked two tickets to Breeders, the new West End play about a married lesbian couple.

Andrea & Caroline, apparently have it all: their own home, great jobs and a loved filled relationship but there’s something else they want…you guessed it: a baby.

They embark on a journey that many same sex couples (and straight, come to think of it)
bravely travel and search for a donor; they stay pretty close to home and ask the brother (he has a girlfriend by the way, awkward) of Andrea to donate. Now, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that set up but think it’ll be interesting and it’s a comedy too, so a bit of laughter on a chilly October evening will be most welcome! 

We’re going to be sitting waaaaaaay down at the very back of the theatre, as I’m a girl on a budget, so not sure we’ll have the best view but – and get this – we’ll have nobody with zero self awareness kicking the backs of our seats, plus (a pretty big plus at that) the lesbian couple are being played by Angela Griffin and Tamsin Outhwaite, who are both emotive and talented performers, so at £15 a ticket I think we’re in for a right treat!

The play runs from Wednesday 3 September until Saturday 4 October 2014, at the St James Theatre, London, SW1E 5JA – if you manage to get a ticket, enjoy!



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