My Christmas Wish List

What does your wish list look like?

My girlfriend will be happy to know that I have finally compiled my Christmas wish list and, in no particular order, I would love any of the above!

1. If you have ever watched The Mindy Project or seen the US version of The Office, you will totally understand why I want this book. Mindy is real, relatable and hilarious.

2. Oh wow, I just adore these Monica Vinader bracelets! I have super slim wrists and small hands, so I struggle to find bangles or bracelets that don’t require the need for me to spend my time wearing my jewellery half-way up my forearm or retrieving it from my sleeve once I’ve removed my cardigan/coat/jacket.

3. Ha! I think this choice shows my age a tad. I’m a fan of the retro look and wish I had the money to purchase more Orla Kiely things – so far I have a pair of pillow cases and…and, oh, that’s it, so a new sugar bowl would be lovely. But I can’t decide, should I go for the cream/orange combo or the one with the wooden lid? Comment below and let me know what you think…

4.  Since hats do not accommodate the bun that sits high up upon my head most days, in the winter, my little ears often freeze rather nicely in the bitter winter air. And I thought, maybe this year, it’d be nice not to have frozen ears. Enter, the Cottesmore Headband by Jack Wills, tah-daaaah, chilly ears be gone! I’ve seen quite a few of these around and they feel sooooooo nice!

5. I’ve been in need of a new makeup bag for a little while now. My current one is a Primark purchase and is pretty beat up – big gaping rip down the side, with some white foam lining  stuff hanging out, for additional cheap-as-chips effect. So, I had a look at that wonderful website NotOnTheHighStreet.Com and found this lovely thing.

6. I desperately need to start looking after the skin on my face more and I think it can start with a new Liz Earle face mask. I suffer with pretty dry skin anyway and as the days grow colder and I pop the central heating on for that little bit longer each day, my skin tells the story well. I must, however, remember to nourish from the inside out too!

What’s on your Christmas wish lists? Share them below, I’d love to know what you’ll be asking for :)






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