About Me

Oh, hello!

I’m 34,  living in London town with a mahoosive penchant for dining out (although not quite sure my palette is refined enough for me to call myself a ‘foodie’); I really enjoy travelling both within the UK (sadly, I don’t think us British lovelies stay on home soil enough though) & abroad; I also (unashamedly) enjoy catching the latest Hollywood blockbuster (Sci-Fi being my favourite) – I actually really love popping along to the cinema but as for filling the coffers of those who are already stooooopidly rich in the process, not so much…What else? Ah, yes, I’m also rather addicted to Netflix at the moment (and quite possibly far into the future) and think it’ll be a very close chum this winter!

Over the years I’ve been told by a decent number of friends that I always seem to know where the fun, of-the-moment, quirky, different and random places to go to/things to do are, if looking for somewhere awesome to spend some precious time and hard earned cash (I’ve even received late night texts asking for last minute bar suggestions) and this got me thinking – what if I could spread my knowledge of such places/things further afield?! And so, with my blog I am here aiming to create for you – my rather gorgeous audience – a place to visit for regular inspiration on things to do, places to visit, places to stay, events to attend and create awesome memories at and establishments to frequent and fill your bellies in…I’m thinking you’re bound to be getting the point by now.

I’m also of the thinking that it’d be kinda cool to share the odd book recommendation, product review, yummy recipe idea or even my latest nail polish purchase!…Hmm, the great thing about blogs is that you only need to read the posts that appeal ;)

So, perhaps you’re here because I asked you to come show some love or maybe you just happened upon my blog by pure chance? No matter the reason, you’ve come this far so keep reading and who knows, you might just find something that catches your eye!



Would be fab to know what you're thinking...

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The thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes and experiences of a thirty-something female in London town.

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