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I Hope I Win At Least Once!

So, for some of my Sunday afternoon I have chilled within the comfort of my duvet to watch last night’s X-Factor. What? Hey, don’t judge! We’re all allowed a guilty pleasure…or, in my case, probably about three!

At first I wasn’t sure if I should be embarrassed to admit to you all that the opening of this year’s X-Factor actually gave me goosebumps! I know!!! But then I thought about it for a little and realised that those little pimples of pride were nothing to be ashamed of.

Simon, Cheryl, Louis and the surprisingly witty and likeable Mel B collectively gave me one of the many reasons to be proud to be born and bred on this tiny little part of the world we call the United Kingdom (Scotland, please don’t leave?); which according to Simon accounts for less than 1% of the worlds population! They reeled off a long list of the UK’s musical superstars and it was with their little reminder that two things popped into my head: Continue reading I Hope I Win At Least Once!