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Spending Lockdown!

A few months ago, I decided to reassess the way I managed my finances. I was urged to take take a step back and question my spending after reading an article about prospective house buyers having their bank statements scrutinised by Mr Bank Manager before being considered for a mortgage.

The article claimed that borrowers will be asked to explain and justify their spending (even down to that £2.90 daily spend on a latte) to establish if they are credible and able to take on the MAHOOSIVE financial commitment of a mortgage. To me, this made perfect sense; I wondered why this was only just being introduced – isn’t this something that should have been done all along? I mean, how many people are out there trying to keep up payments on properties they simply can’t afford?

At some point in the future I’d like to buy a little flat in a victorian house conversion in London (I know, wishful thinking) with my girlfriend (and the cat she’s promised we can get in the next few years – yay! Meow!)

And it got me thinking….

Where does all my money go? How much of it am I wasting? Did I really need that overpriced TOPSHOP jumper that is waaaaay too delicate and keeps snagging on my jewellery and now looks shit? Continue reading Spending Lockdown!